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RE: [#293] Summary for tables

From: Lee Roberts <leeroberts@roserockdesign.com>
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 11:53:48 -0700
To: <w3c-wai-gl@w3.org>
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Just a thought.

Because many layout tables include nested tables, is it possible to test
for null summaries for inner tables?  As David points out, the use of
summaries in layout tables can create clutter and wear on those having
to deal with hearing or scanning a large number of summaries.

If we require inner tables to have null summaries this would clear up
the mess.  The only problem I foresee, and one I have encountered, is
when an actual data table is nested inside a layout table.

If a layout table is required to have a null summary, then it should be
easy to ensure that all nested tables have null summaries.  Once the
first table has a null summary, the testing should be easy.

This may have to be a user check after machine testing and a data table
is nested inside the layout table.  But, if all summaries are null, then
the page should pass the summary test.

This might cause problems if people figure out that they can create a
nested data table with a null summary.  But, if a data table includes
the header, scope, or axis we would then know that a data table is being
used which would require some form of non-null summary.

Feedback would be appreciated.


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The only reason to use null summary would be the same as for null alt.
If, without null summary, something would be rendered that would be as
gibberish than using a null summary would be good.  I'd like to teach
developpers the difference between a data table and a lay out table if
they don't know and this is one of them.  I like your example and find
the captions, although my screen reader does not render them as
captions, helpfull as well.  My main concern is that today, we see
increasing use/over use of the summary attribute when it comes to lay
out and this only makes for clutter on the braille display or in the ear
and I suspect in other modalities as well where it is rendered and
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