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[techs] Summary of teleconference 7, 14, and 21 May 2003

From: Michael Cooper <michaelc@watchfire.com>
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 17:59:45 -0400
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Sorry I didn't send summaries of the past few Techniques meetings. Here it

-- 7 May --

Ben Caldwell
Wendy Chisholm
Michael Cooper
Chris Ridpath
Roberto Scano
rellero - sorry, don't have the non-IRC name :(

Presentation of tools available to us and how we'll use them: Bugzilla, the
XMLSpec DTD modified for Techniques, and XML Spy. Discussed some details of
the features of Bugzilla, and issues raised in a group pass through the DTD.

Wendy: Set up issue-tracking "KP duty"
Wendy: make additions to DTD per notes
Wendy: set up cron job to post issues lists from Bugzilla automatically
Wendy: create proposal for dealing with making rich media accessible as far
as it goes

-- 14 and 21 May --

Ben Caldwell
Michael Cooper
Matt May (14 May)
Chris Ridpath
Roberto Scano

These two meetings were focused on going through HTML Techniques issues that
have been logged in Bugzilla. Actions were taken on issues, typically to
assign it to someone on the call to explore the issue in more detail or to
make a proposal to the group for a solution. 

Action items are defined by the assignments in Bugzilla. It should start
emailing us to make sure we're on top of them.

Following the the results of the actions taken on in the past two meetings,
we will need to discuss issues that come up and start writing techniques
around issues that are closed.

Michael Cooper
Accessibility Project Manager
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