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RE: Notes on new take on Web Access and Guidelines

From: Lisa Seeman <seeman@netvision.net.il>
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2003 13:42:45 +0200
To: w3c-wai-gl@w3.org
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Wow, this is very brave Gregg.
Before delving into the suggestion too much, may I request that we do not
discuses this on Thursday's call but the call after that. Personally I very
much want to attend but I will need warning time to schedule it in. I also
want to review the proposal properly before the call. I understand if that
is not doable.

I agree with the  idea that the way WCAG 2 evolved was suitable for when we
started working on  it  but is less suitable now.  A reevaluation is
appropriate even if it is painful. Again, this is a brave suggestion -good

However if we are evaluating this essence of WCAG 2 then it would be a shame
not to do so with the new understanding of concepts (such as device
independence), ect that we have. If we dare delay WCAG for reevaluation,
then let us make sure we are doing it as professionally as possible.

I think some of the base concepts suggested by Gregg are no longer true. For
example, it need   no longer  be  true (if we choose to make it so) to say
that some of our guidelines just require content to be marked up, while
other guidelines prescribe or restrict the way in which authors would create
content or present content.  (and I believe that was Gregg's first statement
on the basis of the new proposal)
For example, we can can make content clear unambiguous through mark up. -
again - by the time WCAG 2 is published there need be no restriction at all
on peoples use of text, just that the mark up supports clarification and
simplification alternatives.

Further the whole suggested bases for success criteria may be obsolete by
the time it is published. With RDF techniques ( that will properly be freely
available by the time WCAG 2 comes out), all success criteria and AAA
accessibility will be possible  the default presentation being " whatever
they thought it should be to match the bulk or sweet spot of their
audience". These techniques will be free for the developer and the end user.

 note: that these techniques are already in use, being tried and tested  as
in-house tools.

My suggestion:  That we take this back to the drawing board, and involve all
the Peaple developing accessibility methodologies, such as the Dublin Core,
V2, UB Access, FIT LIFE etc ,and work out a proposal that will not be
obsolete by the time it is published.

PF just put up a paper at

http://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/usage/languageUsageAndAccess.html that explains
some of the concepts

it is a member only site so I am also attaching this paper as an attachment.
It may be helpful for understanding some of the  comments above.

All the best,

Lisa Seeman

UnBounded Access

Widen the World Web

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  I have posted the notes of what I presented at the WCAG F2F  at


  I also posted a couple of additional notes there as well.

  I haven't had a chance to incorporate all the feedback from the meeting or
to make changes based on it.   I will do so soon as I can.  But wanted to
post what I had presented for those who weren't there - and for those who
were for the record.


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