Re: Checkpoint 3.4 again

At 11:58 PM +0100 2001/7/28, Sean B. Palmer wrote:
>Usually, when people
>refer to the term "element" with respect to Web documents, they mean
>the '<img src="a" alt="a"/>' bits. So perhaps it is just my stubborn
>vocabulary that is getting in the way.

I think that's true here, yes.  I think that unless someone is specifically
addressing markup then it's very possible that by "element of a page"
they mean "some part that constitutes a rendering of a document", if
that's most sensible from context.  (This use is natural and should be
encouraged, especially since it predates the specialized use of "element"
by SGML folks.  Surely you wouldn't think that Strunk and White, for
example, wrote a long treatise on how best to utilize <style
type="text/css"> ... </style> when you read the title "Elements of

>Checkpoint: 3.4 Utilise content in a wide range of modalities where
>possible to assist the users of your content.

Mmmm, it still faces the same problems with "uncheckable" that I'm
currently harping on, but I guess it's okay.  How is it different from
Guideline 1, though?


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