"Freak Cases Warrant Generalization"...

Following on from my preveous email, here are some suggestions for WCAG

     "1.1 Provide a text equivalent for all non-text content"

Change to:-

1.1 Provide appropriate non-media dependent equivalents for media dependent

     "1.2 Synchronize text equivalents with multimedia presentations."

This is too "technique-ized" for a general guideline. Maybe something like
the following would be an adequate replacement:-

1.2 Properly synchronize all media equivalents for time dependent

With a suitable synonym for presentation, please...
On the similar lines, the rest of the checkpoints for "1" aren't too bad,
with the following suggestions:-

1.3 [delete]
1.4 Use markup or a data model to provide the logical structure of content
1.5 Separate content and structure from presentation where appropriate
1.6 Use device-independent event handlers
1.7 Ensure that content transforms gracefully

And I'm sure the same basics can be applied to 2/3/4. In general, think
about the most outlandish cases possible - do the guidelines still apply?
If not, change them... :-)

Please forgive me if I'm running well wide of the mark with this rant...

Kindest Regards,
Sean B. Palmer
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