Illustration - checkpoint proposal

I am not sure whether this fits in overall (I think so) or in specific
checkpoints. If people think this proposal is worth following up I can
fill out the examples stuff a bit better with more complete ones, and
information about who it is supposed to help and so on.

anyway, here is the proposal:

proposed checkpoint
For any description of a process or a of relationships, provide a graphic

Techniques stuff...
Use case: A description of how to decide whether someting is conformant to

Method: Draw a flowchart

Use Case: Describing a network

Method: represent the original in RDF and use an RDF to image service to
generate an image


A textual explanation (of sorts):

The RDF is incorporated in the SVG version of the image:
There is a gif/png version too:

The resulting diagram (generated from the RDF - doesn't matter if the
existing image is there or not):

Use Case: A recipe for cooking a pavlova

Method: provide step by step drawings of a process

Use case: A description of how to plait a stockwhip or belt

Method: provide a movie demonstrating how to do the process

Use case: A description of how to make a medieval-style tent

Method: Provide illustrations of the key steps

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