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Re: More Captioned Videos

From: Geoff Freed <Geoff_Freed@wgbh.org>
Date: 30 Sep 1999 10:45:47 -0400
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Hi, Rob:

MAGpie is due for release in mid-november, but we should be announcing a beta test period in two weeks.  i'll add you to my tester list; if anyone else reading this message hasn't already signed up to be a tester, send me a note and i'll notify you when it's ready.  when finally released, the software will be available free of charge from NCAM and Trace.

Geoff Freed

Date: 9/30/99 10:47 AM
To: Geoff Freed
From: Neff, Robert
Pleased to announce that we have added another event to our webcasts for the
new dollar coin using SMIL technology.  Please go to
<http://www.usmint.gov/dollarcoin/webcast2.htm>   and click the 4 June link.
There are six videos there and each has a caption video and text transcript.
We have not done the description yet, but are looking to do this in the

Geoff, when is Magpie coming out and is it going to be free?

Robert Neff
Division Chief, Web Operations

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