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Thanks for including me in your discussion of my web-site and its use of
"shortcut keys".  I completely agree with you in regards to the javascript
technique that I employed.  It does not work with older, non javascript
enabled browsers (including IE 3.0 which has some javascript capability).
Nor does it work with Opera as Opera's own keyboard shortcuts take
precedence. Please note, however, that I did spell out these limitations in
the paragraph preceeding the shortcut key list on the accessibility
information page.  On further review however, I noticed that I included IE
3.0 and Opera in my list of working browsers.  I have removed them from the
list.  I intended this feature simply to be value added for those with a
newer browser. It seems the search continues for accesskey solutions.  If
you come across a more universal solution please forward it.

I do want to thank you for alerting me to the missing alt tags on my site.
Seems I had done some updates and neglected to check that the alt tags
remained in place (I just assumed they had).  Thankfully, the issue was
related to a very few pages.  I've remedied the error.

Thanks again for the feedback,

Jim Sandstrum
Colorado Assistive Technology Project

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> Dear Wendy et al.,
> It is, um, "interesting" for sure.
> It worked nice on my first pass and my first response was "WOW!  How did
> they get ACCESSKEY to do that?"
> This is "just" stupid javascript tricks, which is not covered by the WCAG.
> The page is not nearly as function with Lynx or older browsers.
> The page is P1 compliant at best, since it does not parse through the W3C
> validator.
> Really it is not P1 either, since in a few places the ALT reads like
> "looker.gif (1665 bytes)" for the graphical horizontal rule (and a few
> other places too).
> At the very least, the Keyboard Navigation section of
> accessinfo.htm should
> have a disclaimer that the hot keys only work with the 4x (?) versions of
> IE and Navigator.
> Boy, am I a wet blanket or what?
> Bruce Bailey
> On Tuesday, September 21, 1999 12:08 PM, Wendy A Chisholm
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> > hi,
> >
> > check out this page and let's discuss the technique they use to create
> > short cut keys.  it seems to work very well.
> >
> > to find out about how to use the page, check out
> >
> >
> > the home page is
> >
> >
> > --wendy

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