Re: RFC: Re: To what content type does longdesc refer?

This sounds good to me.


On Wed, 25 Aug 1999, Al Gilman wrote:

  A question has been raised as to what sort of a resource can be cited in
  the URI-reference which is the value of a LONGDESC attribute.  Should the
  XHTML specification, for example, add language addressing allowed or
  disallowed content types for resources so referenced?  Comments from GL and
  PF are requested at this time to inform the WAI position taken before the
  HyperText Coordination Group.
  Proposed resolution: 
  The content which results when the resource identified in a LONGDESC
  attribute is recovered is subject to the provisions of the WCAG 1.0
  together with the referring document.  This is how the obvious
  suitability-for-use concerns should be addressed, and not through any
  clause in the specification of the referring format restricting the content
  type of the resource served under the cited URI.

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