Initial draft of new document: checkpoints as they relate to disability.

Hi all,

At the June 24 teleconference, the group was given an action item to create 
"create a FAQ type of document that identifies checkpoints related to each
disability. Use Eric Hansen's matrix as basis."  (Eric's matrix is available
from: )

The editors took the action item and the initial draft of the document is now
available at 
with the Latest at:

Note that there are a few open issues:
1.  We have included definitions for each category of disability we are
using in the table.  We also would like to include more information about
implications and technologies for each category of disability. We made some
general notes in the "visual disabilities" category section.

2.  For each checkpoint we have identified which categories of disabilities,
which input technologies and which output technologies benefit from following
the checkpoint.  At this point, all disabilities are weighted evenly.  We are
considering breaking these up into priority levels. For example, checkpoint
is listed as benefitting all disabilities. However, we could say it is P1 for
people with photosensitive epilepsy,  p2 for blindness, low vision, and
cognitive & learning disabilities, and p3 for all others.

Please review and give us your thoughts.  We will add this to the agenda for
Thursday's call.

--wendy (for The Editors) 

Received on Tuesday, 10 August 1999 19:24:07 UTC