RE: Suggested issues that may be addressed in next version of guidelines

With regard to non-textual communication, I know of no better source for
visual strategies than the following books (copied from an earlier message
from me to the WAI-IG list).  They are of limited value to non-sighted
individuals but are rich with ideas on how meaning may be expressed with

I want to recommend two books to you regarding the use of graphics and images.
They are both authored by Edward R. Tufte who teaches (or did teach)
statistics, graphic design, and political economy at Yale University and
conducts seminars on the topic of the visual display of information.

Envisioning Information ($48), 1983

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information ($40)

They are available from Graphics Press, Box 430, Cheshire, CN 06410 USA

They are expensive but the printing is of very high quality and each book
serves as an exemplar for the topic.  I believe that Amazon sells them at a
significant discount.

These two books contain the best information that I know of for using images
to convey information.  I have no personal connection with Tufte or his work
but did attend his seminar on information design a few years back in Boston.
It was terrific.


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