Re: Fw: Checkpoint 3.3

Neef to reword this.

Are there any e-commerce sites using CSS that meet conformance level double
A and triple A? If so, let categorize them by sales,

zero to 1 million
1 million to 10 million
10 million to 100 million
150 million to 300 million
greater than 300

So far everyone has been talking about the informational sites.  As we use
the interent as a main sales channel, we (U.S. Mint) cannot switch to CSS
until it has been well tested on the interent - not the intranet or
extranet!  That is why we are so interesed, who is doing this and please
provide contact information if you have it.

Any commercial move to CSS in e-commerce would be interesting.  Besides
several govenrments that use e-commerce, has anyone approached Dell, Amazon
or others to see what their plans are?  Are they testing it?  I would not
expect a company to jepordize that much sales without some research.

If we really want to get CSS implemented, then e-commerce sites would be a
great place to start - with huge exposure!


Received on Sunday, 18 July 1999 10:51:04 UTC