Re: Conformance Level

i think manager and developers that i encounter would brush off a document
with the word guideline.  This term is associated with a company or federal
agenct or office's guideline.  That is, everyone modifies a document to
build guidleines.

However, everyone understands the seriousness of standards and

Jason, appreciate the good discussion.

Would it make sense at this time to conduct an survey to WAI-IG or others to
solicit their opinion on the guidelines and how they are being received?


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> Employing Robert's terminology, it can be said that the guidelines are
> analogous to a standard or specification; the techniques document provides
> explanation and concrete implementation advice; and they both need to be
> supplemented by tutorials, quick reference lists, and so forth. The
> guidelines presuppose familiarity with web-related standards and
> technologies.

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