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Re: Refining the Scope to Address Gaps

From: Judith L. Mounty <Judy.Mounty@gallaudet.edu>
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 08:23:32 -0500
Message-ID: <36386C54.52169FE3@gallaudet.edu>
To: ehansen@ets.org
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I heartily concur with Dr. Hansen's suggestion!

Judith L. Mounty Ed.D.
Center for American Sign Language Literacy
School of Communication
Gallaudet University

eric hansen wrote:

> Because the GL group appears to be nearing closure on the guidelines
> document, I wish to make another appeal that language be added that will
> clarify the scope of the document.
> If you do not intend to deal at length with readability of language,
> privacy issues, etc., then I suggest a statement such as follows:
> "This document does not address a variety of special issues which may
> significantly influence the accessibility and usability of Web pages.
> Examples of such issues include: readability of language (e.g., language
> complexity, difficulty of vocabulary, etc), privacy (e.g., concerns about
> how personal information will be used), sensitivity (e.g., reactions to how
> the document refers to individuals with disabilities), legal and moral
> issues (e.g., reactions to material that is legally prohibited or contrary
> to community or personal standards). These unaddressed issues tend to
> concern how individuals process or think about Web content in contrast to
> whether that content is available to their senses, the latter being a major
> focus of the WAI page authoring guidelines."
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