Re: [check 7] ALT text can't be empty (null or all spaces) if image is used as an anchor

To clarify, this should be an empty anchor that contains an href attribute.

<a href=""></a> is valid, and in some cases will be
understandable to a screen reader user (as much so as <a
href=""></a> is).  However, this
won't be understandable for many URIs, such as what you see on a database
generated site, nor will they be accessible to sighted users, or easy to
locate for keyboard users.


On 3/29/04 12:32 PM, "Shane Anderson" <> wrote:

> hi all,
> I have a few questions about the anchor tag that arose from reading Chris'
> post.
> Why is an empty anchor tag considered an error? Is it because it is
> syntactically incorrect, or is it because some user agents do not use them
> correctly?
> Please include authoritative documentation in answering these questions, if
> possible.
> Thanks
> Shane Anderson
> Programmer Analyst
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