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currently i'm just using this hack for my prototype:

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Yes, we need the binding.

Can you suggest a method of binding the tool specific test to the
test suite?


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> hi chris, hi all,
> this is indeed my problem when trying to construct an "EARL Wrapper
> Tool". how does one aggregate data from different sources?
> my thought is that the best solution would be to have the
> element bind a tool specific testid (for example
> to a testcase of a test
> suite which all sources (tools or humans) in the collection are
> against. in this case it would be for example
> **.
> when aggregating (or exchanging) the results, one could compare the
> assertions conducted on the testcase (marked by ** in the paragraph
> above) and make more comprehensive statements (for example two tools
> can't tell pass/fail, one tool says it failed, etc). the real tests
> conducted (for example
> become secondary but interesting algorithms could be based on using
> earl:mode and the earl:assertedBy.
> any thoughts on this?
> regards,
>   shadi

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