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hi chris, hi all,

this is indeed my problem when trying to construct an "EARL Wrapper
Tool". how does one aggregate data from different sources?

my thought is that the best solution would be to have the earl:testcase
element bind a tool specific testid (for example to a testcase of a test
suite which all sources (tools or humans) in the collection are testing
against. in this case it would be for example **.

when aggregating (or exchanging) the results, one could compare the
assertions conducted on the testcase (marked by ** in the paragraph
above) and make more comprehensive statements (for example two tools
can't tell pass/fail, one tool says it failed, etc). the real tests
conducted (for example
become secondary but interesting algorithms could be based on using the
earl:mode and the earl:assertedBy.

any thoughts on this?


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EARL can be used to state that a particular resource passes or fails a
particular test. The test can be something subjective like the WAI
guidelines. We can use the earl:testcase element to make these sort of

Our checker program makes a statement that a particular page passes or
the WAI guidelines and uses our URI as the definition of the WAI

rdf:resource="" />

Other programs will generate a similar statement and will reference
definition of the WAI guidelines. Example:

<earl:testcase rdf:resource="http://accessibility.tester/WCAG-AA.html"

How can a program collect the EARL results from various checking tools
tell if the page passes/fails the WAI guidelines?

To put it another way - How can you tell that both programs are testing
same guidelines? (Perhaps using the earl:testcase rdf:about attribute?)


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