earl dates

On Tue, 28 Oct 2003, Chris Ridpath wrote:

>>    <earl:date>2003-10-28T20:59:01-01:00</earl:date>
>Wendy suggested I use the <dc:date>  and put it in the Assertion, not
>WebContent. Or, does your date refer to the WebContent itself?

It would make more sense to use dc:date as a property of the assertion, but I
don't think that is what the spec says and I was keen to write to the spec.
In part so I could post the stuff to an annotea-based server like earl.w3.org
but mostly to figure out how the spec really should be.

There is one question which is whether it is important to have the date of
the assertion or the date when a bit of webcontent was looked at, since in
principle they can differ (this has happened to me in practice doing
commercial testing, too).



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