Re: IRC problem: notabug bringing in spam

Nick Kew wrote:
> Can I put in a plea for the administrators of notabug NOT to publish
> email addresses featured in IRC, as these may be (as in my case)
> a great deal more private and vulnerable than our "public" address.

In a quick search of the logs I couldn't find your email address. I'm 
happy to remove things from the logs if you can give me the date and 
time so I can find them. If you don't want things to be in the logs, 
start your line with [off].

But if you're worried about spam, I suggest you get a real solution, 
like a Bayesian filter. Playing these silly email-address-hiding games 
don't solve much, in my experience.
Aaron Swartz []

Received on Saturday, 1 February 2003 19:36:36 UTC