Re: Locating the error Re: EARL And Validator

I think that until there is a proper way to locate the error in EARL some of
the most interesting use cases will not be supported.

Talking to developers of various tools, line numbers seem to be pretty
unreliable as a way of finding an error.

Thre has been discussion of this before - the whole work on fuzzy pointers
was intersting becuase it looked at some serious robustness...



On Thu, 4 Dec 2003, Chris Ridpath wrote:

>> >Where do I express the line number (and x-path expression) where the
>> >occurred?
>The Annotea context property seems to do the trick for an x-path expression:
>But, shouldn't EARL have something similar built in? Perhaps an EARL context
>property with a 'line' attribute?

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