EARL for validation webservice

I've opened a test version of an XML validation webservice based
on Xerces and mod_xml.  Details are at

I've just been messing around with EARL output.  My first try omitted
an earl:Assertor and used earl:assertedBy instead.  However, in this
context, it appears to make things slightly more verbose, as I have to
repeat the assertedBy in every assertion.  More seriously, it seems
to leave me no sensible way to include metainformation such as
testmode and contactinfo.

My second try used something very much like the EARL generated by
Page Valet, and seems more satisfactory to me.

Can folks take a look at the two EARL implementations online, and
tell me what's wrong (or even right) about them?  I know the use
of Valet namespace is a mess right now, but that's probably something
I'm going to ignore for the time being, unless someone convinces me
it's important.

Nick Kew

Available for contract work - Programming, Unix, Networking, Markup, etc.

Received on Wednesday, 1 May 2002 21:56:03 UTC