Re: EARL 1.0 WD published. Updated list of issues.

On Fri, 6 Dec 2002, Wendy A Chisholm wrote:

Some comments ahead of our IRC chat.

> The first EARL 1.0 Working Draft was published 
> today.
> Please read and comment on the various "Editor's notes" throughout the draft.

It seems most of the editors notes deal with "should we explain something
that EARL depends on or reference an external resource?"  IMO where
there's an existing stable resource we should not in general be
reproducing it.

> 1. severity
> Not incorporated into the schema but used as an example extension.

Hmmm, I'm not using it myself (yet), but I thought there was a good case
for including it.

> 2. repairInfo, expectedResult, suspectAgainst.
> Did not have support. Nothing added to the schema.

No, but a generic "note" property could serve for such things.

> 4. testmode
> Had support and was included as a class, a property, and instances of the 
> property.

But should be a property of Assertor, not Assertion!

> 9. Uniquely identifying pieces of content. OPEN ISSUE.

Add a "representation" property to TestSubject, that can be used to
describe processing/derivation - e.g. a pointer or checksum.  What goes
into the "representation" will be an extension (unless we want to
predefine simple things like Line/Column or XPath/XPointer).

Final comment: A quick-reference list of EARL vocabulary would be
more useful than anything.  Could perhaps be one of those Appendices
that appear to be missing between A and D:-)

Nick Kew

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