Re: IRC next Wednesday?

"Wendy A Chisholm" <>
> I would like to schedule a time to chat about the open issues related to
> EARL 1.0 [1].  Please let me know what time and day work best for you:
> 1. Wednesday, December 11, 2002, at 4:00 PM UTC
> (Wed 8:00 AM Seattle, Wed 4:00 PM London)
> 2. Wednesday, December 11, 2002, at 6:00 PM UTC
> (Wed 10:00 AM Seattle, Wed 6:00 PM London)

I can't make 6pm (but could on the phone maybe, if you don't mind london
traffic background noice as I cycle...)

4pm is no problem, or indeed any other earlier time, later is a maybe...

> 3. Other day and time: (Please suggest)

Any day before 6pm London is easy, normally tuesdays and thursdays at 6pm,
but not this week as I have engagements.  after the pubs close UK is also
feasible, but it depends how "in-training" I stay and avoid too much beer.


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