Re: next chat - 1 May 2002

Hi folks,

I am not available for any of that.

I would like us to create an EARL version 0.96 very soon, but for the moment
to defer claiming a 1.0 spec.

I would like to  put forward a proposal for locations: Having a location
scheme that provides the following possibilities:

  element/attribute name (should these be a differentiated type?)
  Fuzzy pointer
  occurrence of given element (i.e. table number 7)
  line number
  character offset (starting with the pointy bracket??)
  whether the document referred to is a copy of something, or the live
    version (this is what I understand by hsft's webName, which is related to
    the question Adobe ased about how to deal with information initially as a
    local copy of something that will later be updated to the Web).

Would be useful I think. It allows us to meet the differnt impleented methods
of finding something in a document, although I am not sure if there is
interoperability. It is also clear that some of these are more robust than
others over given changes - i.e. "better", but not necessarily useful for
software people have.


On Tue, 30 Apr 2002, Wendy A Chisholm wrote:

  Hello all,

  Let's schedule a period of a few  hours - 17:00 to 22:00 GMT on Wednesday -
  and then people can chat whenever they are able.

      Port: 6665
      Channel: #er

  - At our chat last Wednesday we noted one issue:
  1. Identifying specific elements on the page. XPointers are ideal, but they
  can change as the document is modified. Jim and Nick implemented fuzzy
  pointers - Nick's statement of problem and proposal for solution - 11 April

  - Here are agenda items not covered last week:
  1.  i want to go through the ontology and make sure that all the Things
  that could be asserted to be disjoint are [from EricP]
  2. cardinality (particularly of dates) [from wendy and eric]
  3. test corpus [from Nick]
  4. direction forward: goal is stable EARL. based on earl test 1.0? slimmed
  down more? [from wendy]
  5. go through Nick's new proxy

  the 1.0 test Schema.  SBP's n3 version at:

  I converted it to xml rdf at:

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