Web Content Accessibility Checking Service - need settings for Tidy

My co-worker and I are working on an open source WAI / 508 HTML compliance 
checker in Python.

We have published a open-source surf saver named zKnowMan - 

Our next open source project (funded by our work) is Frosty - the front end 
with compliance checking.

We also decided on Tidy / Schematron like http://www.w3.org/2000/07/eval43/ 
, and were wondering what the optimal settings for Tidy were.
Are you using XT for the XSLT processor?  We are trying to use 4Suite, but 
it's only .11 (tad alpha)

We have found a number or rules both on web pages (W3 is one) and from 
practitioners in the 508 are - Cynthia Waddell 
(http://www.icdri.org/cynthia_waddell.htm) is our team expert.

We would be glad to share our results on an ongoing basis.

Thanks for your time,

Doug & Marc

Received on Tuesday, 5 June 2001 01:56:53 UTC