free phone calls into our telecon.

I've been trying a service that gives free internet phone calls into the 

Setting it up was very smooth for me.  There was nothing to download (it 
works off a java applet which doesn't really count as a download).

The sound quality takes some getting used to.  Voices break up and at first 
it sounds like you're losing some of the words or parts of words.  But 
after a while you realize that at least for the most part it's inserting 
very short breaks (maybe a 100 msec or so) in between and inside words, so 
you have kind of piece them together.  After about 5 or 10 minutes it's 
like learning to understand someone with an accent you're not used to.  I 
had usuable, though not great, conversations.

Unfortunately, the Java applet doesn't seem to be accessible.  For example, 
there doesn't seem to be a way to get into the number entry field without a 

Still, If you'd like to join one of our telecons, you may want to give it try.

There's another couple of companies I haven't tried,

searching on "free phone" in the open directory (accessible e.g. from 
Goggle) lists a bunch more.

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