Re: Tracking Manual Checks

I guess you are looking for something like 4.4 Provide the author with a
summary of the document's accessibility status. [Priority3] The effective
requirement is probably close to what you are looking for, although you may
be considering explaining to AU why this actually qualifies as more than
beneficial - removing a significant barrier to accessibility, and thereby
justifying a change in priority.

I agree that EARL is a good format for recording this information in a very
useful format. One of the reasons I asked for AU to be invited to the
morning meeting of ER on the thursday of the plenary.



On Mon, 29 Jan 2001, Leonard R. Kasday wrote:

  Per my action item from today...

  I checked the AU document, especially the section on evaluating
  accessibility [1] and did not see the requirement we discussed today, to wit:

  Provide means to record the results of manual checks of a document.  This
  enables the author to avoid performing those checks again.

  - The manual check results should reference the particular parts of the
  document to which they apply.
  - If the document changes, the results document should be updated, but only
  to the extent it's actually impacted by the changes in the document.  For
  example, manual checks of ALT text on an image should not be affected if
  HTML text changes elsewhere.   It may be most convenient to implement this
  feature in object oriented architectures, where each object (e.g. an image
  tag) is responsible for tracking manual accessibility decisions relevent to
  - A possible format for recording the accessibility decisions is that being
  developed in the EARL activity of ER [2]

  If we have consensus within ER on this proposal, I'll send it to AU for
  their consideration.


  I said  "manual checks of ALT text on an image should not be affected if
  HTML text changes elsewhere"
  Hmmm.  Are there actually cases where ALT text would depend on context?

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