example of site where text-only does not convey all info

At this a.m.'s telecon I was trying to find a site that I had seen earlier 
in the week.  I have found out it was not a public site, so I will 
summarize the issue that we found.

The site uses rollovers on menu items to display pictures.  For example, 
"architecture" is associated with an image of an indoor swimming pool, 
"industrial design" is associated with an image of a station wagon with the 
back door open so that you can see into the back of the car, "interior 
design" seems to be associated with a modern, shiny kitchen.

The issue is that the links on their own "architecture, industrial design, 
and interior design" give you no context.  The images provide you with an 
idea of what you might find if you follow the link.  In the text-only 
version they only provide the links.

The question we asked this morning is, "how would you determine if these 
two sites (the text equivalent and the graphical with rollovers) are 
equivalent?"  They have the same links, but there is information presented 
on the graphical page that is not available on the text-only.

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Received on Monday, 22 January 2001 17:34:31 UTC