Re: Can the W3C HML validaor send email when the page becomes invalid (was Re: WWW: Interoperability Crisis?)

[Brian, David: re-sent to ER as well because they are working on what would go
in the message.]

[ER: here's an idea that relates to the 'protocol' side of how one would apply
EARL or whatever it gets called.]

The function you are describing is equivalent to the Errors-to: header in

A review of the latest email RFCs and the site [overview] profile for RDF
see if this is covered in that scheme.  But it seems dead easy to go ahead and
just put:

<meta name="SMTP-equiv" value="Errors-To:&ltedress&gt">

and create a backward-compatible option in that way.


At 04:28 PM 2001-01-22 +0000, Brian Kelly wrote:
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><> lists.
>A reason not to have a text-only page is the difficulty on maintaining
>separate resources.
>Looking at the page referred to in the message, I notice that it has an
>XHTML Valid icon, and is linked back to the W3C's XHTML validator (and the
>page is still valid).
>I suspect that many pages which started off valid become corrupted when they
>are updated.
>Would it be worthwhile suggesting to W3C (and other organisations such as
>CAST) that these validation services could ask for the email address of a
>page author, and periodically check that a page is still valid, and send
>email if it's not.
>There are similar services which will send email if a page contains broken
>There is a business model for providing subscriber-funded services - and
>probably not too much software development work needed to develop a free
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>I author a web page that uses both HTML and a text only page using XHTML.
>Why can you not add a text only page for users who are needing to access
>informaton from your internet page?
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>>>> "Charles F. Munat" <> 01/21/01 12:57PM >>>
>Wilbur Streett:
>"If you want to help the blind do it yourself, don't force the burden onto
>So he should go to all the owners of web sites whose pages are inaccessible
>to the blind and offer his services for free? Let's see, if he can fix one
>site a day, he'll be finished in, oh... where's my calculator. Hmmm. Well! I
>guess he'll never finish.
>What exactly are you recommending, Mr. Streett?
>Charles F. Munat,
>Seattle, Washington

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