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I am responding on the list since I assume others will be interested in 
this info as well.

The subgroup isn't yet focused on how to check the accessibility of server 
generated pages, but first how to generate pages in an accessible 
way.  Since we have to provide tests for checkpoints they will be thinking 
about this eventually and in conjunction with ERT WG.

There is a subgroup in WCAG that discussed these issues at the f2f in 
October.  Refer to the minutes from this meeting, look for the headings 
"Discussion of generating content and cyber-ghettos" and "3) Server-side 

Cynthia Shelly and Matt May seem to be taking the lead in this area (refer 
to Sean Palmer's list of technologies and editors:

In the mailing list archives, refer to the following threads:
Server Side techniques discussion from F2F:

multiple interfaces - a concrete example:

My Action Item: Multiple interface guideline -


At 11:43 AM 1/15/01 , you wrote:
>I heard you mention in our call today that a group was looking at techniques
>for checking server generated pages. Can you give me more info? Who is doing

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