Re: ExistingTools

Thanks nick.  I added it to the tools page under evaluation tools, with an 
extra reference at repair tools.

I also added a reference to it in the section on tidy since it offers an 
online version of tidy.  A very convenient service  I did have to mention 
that not all tidy options were available on the online version though.


At 09:27 AM 1/15/01 +0000, Nick Kew wrote:

>Can I ask that Site Valet be listed in the existingtools page?
>It is probably by now the most relevant to accessibility of
>any evaluation and repair toolkit available on the Web,
>with the possible exception of Bobby.
>Suggested entry:
>Site Valet, at
>Site Valet offers a powerful online toolkit, together with
>an automated website monitoring service.  The tools include:
>* Page Valet - a formal validator, basically similar to the
>   W3C and WDG validators, but offering additional options for
>   accessibility checking and for generating normalised code.
>* Link Valet - spider to check links and collect HTTP information.
>* Form Valet - toolkit for testing and debugging forms and scripts.
>* Code Valet (SP Online) - a collection of SGML power tools for
>   content analysis and transformation.
>* Tidy Online - a WWW interface to Tidy.
>* Website monitoring service to notify users of potential problems,
>   integrating the above online tools into site reports.
>Nick Kew

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