RE: ACTION ITEM: Things that can be recognized in scripting lan guage for vieport control (fwd)

This sounds like a great idea to me - but it may be pretty hard to

Consider the following:

- What is the relationship of the (Java)Script to the displayed document?
Possibilities are: 1) it is embedded in the document 2) it is generated
along with the document 3) it is linked to the document 4) it generates a
document all by itself (yuck - but I've seen it done)
For a linked script one uses syntax like:
	<script type="text/javascript"
Note that the src attribute may contain either a relative or an absolute
reference (do we open it from the Internet to check it?)

- Variable names.
Two examples:
1) A window to be opened could be named, but does not need to be; the
statement becomes like: pageToLoad,winName,args );
Do we parse the whole document to find assignments before interpreting such
2) To make the window available to give focus to, syntax like the following
is used:
	popup = pageToLoad,winName,args );

- Methods only?
Instead of parsing and interpreting variable names you might try to look for
methods only ( .open() , .focus() , etc.) but this is tricky, too: different
objects could share the same method names.

Essentially, then, to be able to apply any of this reasonably reliably one
would need to implement an almost complete (Java)Script parser.

I still like the idea ... <grin/>


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> This came from Jon Gunderson, but I think it is extremely helpful
> information
> to add to AERT 10.1.2 - a technique for ATAG 4.1, listed in Jan's November
> draft available from the sources area.
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> There are seven main types of information that I think a user agent could
> recognize in scripts that are associated with our checkpoints related to
> control of viewports, focus, styling effects and form submission.
> Examples
> for JavaScript are provided.
	[MK]  (examples removed)

> 1. Opening a new window
> 2. Closing a window
> 3. Changing focus to another window
> 4. Changing the URI rendered in the current view port
> 5. Submitting forms:
> 6. Controlling the start and speed of scrolling for a MARQUEE element
> 7. Changes in style of an element:
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