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My first instance of chair down the toilet...
I presented to the AC yesterday and in my presentation discussed an EARL 
scenario and the possibilities that it will afford us.  It generated some 

Sorry to have missed the call.  Thanks for the notes.

Be well,

At 10:25 AM 4/30/01 , Sean B. Palmer wrote:
>30 April 2001 ERT WG minutes
>Summary of action items, resolutions, and proposals
>       Action SBP: Bug people about using EARL, or bug people
>         about bugging people...
>    WL - William Loughborough (promoted to Chair)
>    SBP - Sean B. Palmer (minutes)
>The Call
>WL: Are we the only ones here?
>SBP: Think so
>WL: [Thinks that Len and Wendy can't make it for a while]
>SBP: [Wonders if Daniel will make it]
>WL: I was just on the DI call, discussing EARL to be used for DI. Good
>SBP: Yes, for evaluating all sort of stuff. Even W3C specs?
>WL: Yes, that's right
>SBP: [Rants about using EARL for all sorts of WAI-ish evaluations]
>SBP: So for example, PF could send an EARL block to the HTML WG, why
>XHTML 2.0 doesn't comply to XML GL
>Action: SBP resolves (implicitly) to take an action item to bug more
>people about using EARL, or get someone else to do it for me
>WL & SBP chat about the weather
>WL: [Crusade 2001] was good, moving onto Amsterdam and then Paris
>WL: [Mentions Symbols for Windows]
>SBP: [gets cut off]
>Meeting ajourned due to lack of interest and attendees at 3:11PM, BST.
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>Sean B. Palmer
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