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The minutes are long so I will not paste them in their entirety in this 
message.  However, I will include the action items and resolutions.  I 
apologize for the delay in publishing these but there were too many 
interesting sessions to attend at WWW9!

The minutes that Charles took have not yet been incorporated.  We'll paste 
them in as soon as possible.

Let me know of any changes, clarifications and other edits that need to be 

great meeting folks!!!


Summary of action items and resolutions
Action: GR look for academic writing standards. take to EO.
Action:CR write a proposal for 12.3
Action:MC propose definitions of blocks
Action:CMN ask the internationalization interest group about readability 
indicies in other languages, e.g. Fog Index or style/grammar checkers.
Action:GR ask people who do mathematics on the web to find out combinations 
of elements that would trigger that this is a math equation or logic 
Action:DD continue exploring OCR field that can do anything to recognize 
that there is text.
Action:WC add HTML MAP technique for grouping links to AERT.
Action:CMN send pointer to where his RDF work is at.
Action:WC add Daniel PICS WCAG conformance scheme to Errata for WCAG.
Action:CS ask the necessary folks at Microsoft if the plug-ins could be 
made available in more obvious space.
Action:WC ask Dick Brown about accessibility wizard.
Action:WC link to MS powertoys (from list of existing tools).
Action:MC make the browser support info from bobby available.
Action:?? figure out how to present that info in a usable way.
Action:CMN talk to Daniel Veillard about using RPM architecture to track tools.
Resolved: monthly meeting (agenda created by LK, CMN, WC, and Jutta), 
investigate tool repository.
Resolved: synchronizing the 2 documents (AERT and ATAG techniques) is not 
resolved, will take to the lists.stripping AERT to just algorithms keep all 
of the text examples in ATAG techniques?
Action:LK approach Jon Gunderson about UA and ER working together.
Resolved: ER will approach UA about liaison.
Action:WC and LK update charter based on discussions from past couple days.
Action:GR send e-mail to CS about UAs not showing text of client-side image 
maps even if alt is defined.
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