Request for Comments: Check Your Page Tool

As part of our effort to provide technical assistance to federal
agencies, GSA has developed the following tool which provides guidance
to several of the evaluation and repair tools.   We would welcome
comments on the tool, preferably through the "webmaster" link that will
be at the bottom of the page (second to last link on the page, just
before the "disclaimer" link) that gets generated when you fill out the
form at the URL provided below.   This will send a message to me with a
predefined subject, based on field values.

This tool is being announced yesterday through a memo to agency CIOs, so
any comments you could send today would be helpful.   The official
"release date" will be Monday, and I'll try to incorporate as many of
your suggestions as possible by then, or in Version 3.1 which will be
completed by May 24.

Supporting Analysis of Intranet Pages

     An idea I've proposed to some colleagues here is asking  whether we
could create a separate domain with the sole
     purpose of housing 508 analysis tool servers such as Bobby.   The
idea is that government agencies could establish a limited
     trust relationship with this domain that would allow Intranet pages
to be evaluated by this government-hosted servers.
     Does this approach seem feasible from your perspective?  What
would be the server specifications for establishing such an

Accessing the Check Your Page tool

     A link to thiis tool is now available through a "Tools" link on the
new Section 508 website:

The current direct link to the gallery is:
This will change later today to:  to place greater emphasis
on the Gallery part as a way of recognizing best practice in different
areas of technology.

Thanks in advance,

Karl Hebenstreit, Jr.
US General Services Adminstration
Office of Governmentwide Policy
Voice:  202-501-0004

Received on Saturday, 6 May 2000 07:25:11 UTC