Re: Are accessibility guidelines defined for the blind?

Peter wrote, quote
> > thank you again for your valuable insights -- i earnestly hope that you air
> > the concerns you voiced on the ER mailing list to the UA, AU, and WCAG
> > mailing lists,
> >
>Pfff, I already have more than 100 messages a day?
>But thank you for your reply.

aloha, peter!

all WAI mailing lists are open, which means that anyone can post to them 
without first having to subscribe to them...

the reason i included the URIs for the mail archives was so that--should 
you choose to post to them, and i strongly encourage you to do so--you 
could follow up any resultant discussion on those lists without subscribing 
to them, ...

your concerns and insights are valuable, and germane to the work of UA, AU, 
and WCAG -- all of which are at critical stages in their evolutions as 
working groups, so it would behove you (and all other low vision/partial 
vision users) if you were to re-air the issues you raised on the ER list on 
those lists, as well..

i know all too well what it is like to be inundated with email -- between 
the lists i own, the sites i maintain, and the lists to which i am 
subscribed, i receive over 250 emessages on a light day, but getting the 
word to the right people at the right time mitigates any inconvenience 
(such as the constant crashing of my mail client) that an overstuffed 
emailbox presents


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