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Sure. An ISMAP indicates a server side image map, and there is a need for
local links. These can be provided either via text links (which we can't
detect), or by also having a client side image map on the same image,
indicated by USEMAP. A lot of authors double up so they have server side for
older browsers and client side for newer browsers.

Maybe it's easier to say, "we want to make sure all image maps are available
as client side image maps". The simple presence of an ISMAP should not
trigger this if there is in fact a client side image map for that image.

The part about a valid USEMAP is simply to underscore that it's not enough
to have a USEMAP attribute; its value must point to an existing MAP element
that has at least one AREA child element. Separate techniques will check
those AREA elements for ALT text and duplicated text links.


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> Michael,
> I'm incorporating your comments in to the issues list.
> could please clarify the following statement for me. i'm having trouble
> understanding it.
> <blockquote>
> Technique 1.2.A - Prompt user for text links if ISMAP used
> Prompt for text links if ISMAP used only if USEMAP (with valid, e.g.,
> found, MAP element as target) also not found.
> </blockquote>
> At 12:08 AM 1/24/00 , Michael Cooper wrote:
> >The attached HTML document is my review of the ERT document. I apologize
> >that my comments aren't better contextualized than by links to the
> >individual Techniques but this took long enough to do! This is
> probably too
> >long for substantive discussion right away, I know. Michael
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