Checkpoint 13.1

I was just going through the HTML 4 spec checking something out for Bobby
and stumbled across an attribute I didn't know about that we might want to
check for. The HREFLANG attribute identifies the human language that the
target of a link is in. This would lead to a new Technique for Checkpoint
13.1 (Clearly identify the target of each link), which would be:

A and AREA elements that have a HREF attribute should also have a HREFLANG
attribute. Valid values must be in the IANA registry (we have info about
that somewhere else).

This brings to mind another technique that I thought I added to my
submission over the weekend but must have been tired and forgot. We should
also check for the TYPE attribute of A and AREA elements, wich identifies
the MIME type, i.e., _computer_ "language", of the target. The advantage of
this would be users (with browser support) would know not to follow links to
images or whatever that put them in dead space.


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