Amsterdam reservations

Just in case anyone is still scrambling for reservations in amsterdam for 
our face to face, here are some more hints:

It seems best to call places in amsterdam directly.  There are discount 
rates available... $0.125/min in the US from

The central reservations number for amsterdam is +31 777 000 888  (in the 
use you put 011 before the +)
They are open till 4 PM amsterdam time.  So call a lot earlier than that. I 
didn't get through when I tried.

What did work was to find a list of bread and breakfasts, e.g. at and call the ones listed.  If they don't have 
vacancies, ask for another recommendation.  Eventually I got to a place 
with a vacancy (maybe because they didn't have a web site).

Also, I was told that Duivendrecht is a 10 min tram ride from Amsterdam so 
you can try there also.

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Received on Wednesday, 26 April 2000 11:01:05 UTC