Software Architecture

I'd like to start some discussions about the software architecture for the 
tools we're building.

For starters, here's a low level question: how to parse and process the HTML.

Personally, for WAVE, I've been using the perl HTML::Parser module, which 
does a lexical parse into start tags, end tags, comments, and text.  That 
makes it easy to do a tag by tag analysis, but I wind up doing a home made 
state machine to get beyond tags, and it gets a bit klugy.

I'm about to recode it to use a proper tree.  One possibility is perl's 
HTML::TreeBuilder which makes it easy to walk the tree, find parents, 
children, attribute values, etc.

Is there a better way to do this?  What would it buy to switch to Java or 
C++?  How much can we do with XSL?


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