usability, trust, automation of WAI report tool

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>Subject: usability, trust, automation of WAI report tool
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>Judy Brewer wrote:
>> Evaluation and Repair Tools IG:
>>         reporting tool available for review, check it out:
>>         <>
>-- give an idea of how many steps there are in the process on
>	the first page
>-- use email callback to verify the email address of the user?
>	This thing makes it (too?) easy to forge a report on behalf
>	of somebody else.
>-- privacy statement? You're asking for quite a bit of info.
>	What are you promising *not* to do with it?
>-- hmm... I expected it to be semi-automated. I'd like the
>	machine to make a guess at the report. Here are some
>	things that look automatable:
>	-- missing ALTs
>	-- check HTML validity
>	-- notice that there are no imagemaps so that checkpoint is n/a
>	-- determine which browser the user is using
>		(which shouldn't prevent them from changing it,
>		in case their doing the report with a different
>		browser from the one they used to do their review)
>	Ah... I guess this isn't so much of a general review
>	tool as a tool to facilitate problem reporting. So I guess
>	I just got the wrong impression.
>-- I suggest a link from the "mobility imparied access"
>	subjective rating section to some background about it;
>	I don't know how to judge mobility impared access.
>	The "not rated" option is good.
>-- confirmation step: great!
>-- in the mail message, under "The reviewer found the
>	following accessibility problems" you don't say
>	what the impact of, e.g. "Missing or inappropriate
>	alternative text for an Image or Animation".
>	Yes, they can follow the link, but you could provide
>	more motivation for them to do so than just the
>	fact that one reader was inconvenienced.
>	I appreciate the effort to keep the report short,
>	but one sentence describing (at least the most significant
>	part of) the impact of the improper markup seems worthwhile.
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