Comments on ER IG Charter

Charter ER IG

Editorial marks: 
      X...X  omit ...
      _..._  insert ...

Initial head (ER IGX X)
All heads: consistently end-punctuate (contrast 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 2.1.3)
All lists: consistently end-punctuate list items therein.
Suggest you copy into MS Word or equivalent and do grammar and
extra-space detection there, as cleanup.  Vendors of tools, including stand-XalongX_alone_ tools, and _
assistive technology _modules that might be used in authoring or browsing software. 

[Why second "tools" but final "software" that presumably works with those
stand alone tools? 

Adding the _assistive technology _ distinction is significant in the user agent group's work.

2.2 para 1:
Success ... will be XgagedX_gauged_

4. 3. usedX usedX

6.2 is dated. 
The Page Author Guidelines are already complete enough for initial work of this group to begin. Input regarding plans and completed tools of the ER-WG will of course depend on when those plans and tools are delivered, but no requirements are set here. 

9 Milestones are written relative to start date, and now also
are dated.

Regards/Harvey Bingham

Received on Sunday, 22 August 1999 23:48:43 UTC