Re: Bottom Line Rating

This sounds fine to me. After evaluating and/or repairing, the tool would
give the user a rating.
The rating is given according to the simple rules at the WAI site:


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> I'd like to propose a simple way to add a bottom line rating as follows.
> Basically, it just asks the user to apply manual checks, and then applies
> the A, AA, AAA definitions in the guidelines to the "web site".  I don't
> think this is particularly new, it's just a codification of what most of
> have assumed anyway, with maybe a few extra details.
> It could be part of the ER Techniques document
> or a separate statement.  If we can quick consensus, I'd suggest putting
> the ER Techniques document.  If people want to thing about this a lot
> we can issue it as a separate statement to avoid any delays in the ER
> Techniques Doc.
> Len
> ---------
> The tool shall give the user the option to manually check off all items on
> the "web site" that require manual checking.  Irrelevant items shall be
> omitted (e.g. if there is not audio or video, manual checking of the
> textual equivalents is irrelevant.  This will require an affirmative
> by the user, such as use of checkboxes.
> The tool shall use this information together with the automatic checkings
> to give the page an A, AA, or AAA rating, per the guideline definitions
> (viz. does the "web site" satisfied all priority 1, 1+2, 1+2+3 checkpoints
> respectively).
> "Web Site", by default, shall mean a user-defined "home page", and all
> pages that can be reached by any series of browser actions that keep the
> user in the home page directory, subdirectory, sub-sub directory, etc.
> The user shall be able to add or remove pages from that "web site"
> -------------
> If the user does not use the manual checkoff procedure at all, the tool
> shall make a statement equivalent to one of the following:
> a. "This site is not accessible."
> b. "This site might be accessible.  Manual checks are needed to properly
> gauge accessibility."
> The word "might" should be <strong>.
> If the user chooses to do just priority 1 or 1+2 checkpoints one of the
> following statements or equivalent shall be issued:
> c. "This site has at least an A accessibilty rating. Manual checks are
> needed to see if it passes the higher AA or AAA standards"
> d. "This site has at least an AA accessibilty rating. Manual checks are
> needed to see if it passes the higher AAA standard"
> Both c and d assume of course that the appropriate manual and automatic
> checks are passed.
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