Re: notification

Good idea to email reminders.  Will do.

Also, there are links to schedule meetings, etc.  but they are at

Historically you didn't need that ig on the end. It came in when er was
split into er/wg and er/ig.  But most people probably aren't that aware of
the division because in practice all the discussions are going on in er/ig.

So probably a lot of folks didn't realize that most of the action is on the
er/ig page, the er page.  I'll add a big link on the er page.  Thanks for
bringing that up.


At 10:17 AM 8/9/99 -0700, William Loughborough wrote:
>For those of us with creeping senility it would be helpful if a reminder
>of meetings and their agendae were posted just prior to the meeting. 
>Since the ER home page has no links to meetings, minutes, etc. this
>might be useful.
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