bobby: need to check for alt=""

This is email Bruce sent last year.  I just tried out the test page with
bobby 3.1 and the test page still gets a bobby approved when in actuality
the links, which are images with alt="", are invisible.


>Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 17:07:02 -0500
>From: Bruce Bailey <>
>Organization: Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Services
>Subject: Re: heuristic tests not in guidelines

>There are probably a lot of suggestions folks could make for improving
>Bobby.  My recommendation is that ALT="" should be illegal inside <A
>Please check out:
>A totally inaccessible (but simple) page that flys through the W3C and
>Bobby validators with no problems.  Even the verbose "Accessibility
>Recommendations" and "Accessibility Questions" and "Accessibility Tips"
>don't address what is the real problem with this page.
>Please note that I haven't touched this page in a while.  The LONGDESC
>is implemented incorrectly (not that the W3C validator complains).
>Have other people designed pages to illustrate Bobby's short comings? 
>The "Known Bugs" of the Bobby FAQ
>( is still blank...
>Bruce Bailey

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