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> I noticed that you are looking for 'spacer' images (images height or width
> is 1) and setting the Alt to NULL (Alt=""). We've been having some
> discussions on the list about this sort of thing. For a spacer image, I
> think the Alt should be set to spaces ("  ") so that screen readers know
> that the image is a spacer and not just an image without Alt
> text. Comments?

Maybe we are having two slightly different "spacers" in mind: You seem to be
thinking of "in-line" spacers to get a certain space between two words,
correct? I am thinking of spacers that are used to force a certain table
cell width or similar, as used 'en masse' on sites and similar. (I
also used them on I site I did,, because I could not find
another means of forcing column size.)

I agree that "in-line spacers" should probably have alt=" " (how many
spaces?) but the "others" alt="" -- How can we distinguish them? Or should I
just set alt="   " for all such spacers, in a first version? Please comment.

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