[EOWG] - Two Open Surveys

Hello Participants,

During the meeting today we introduced two surveys that opened today and discussed timelines. The surveys are fairly self-explanatory and will walk you through what information is being requested in the reviews. Please read the question directions carefully.

Video Scripts Starfish Review
This Survey opened today and closes on Sunday, 24 July. There will be no extensions due to project timelines.
Estimated time 40-60 minutes.
            Link: https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35532/HPWD-initial-videos-starfish/

Accessibility Course List Butterfly Review
            This Survey opened today and closes on Tuesday, 26 July.
            Estimated time 15-45 minutes.
            Link: https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35532/courses-approval/

Attached - Kris Anne has also created two calendar reminders (.ics files) for you to place on your calendar where you choose to block time and help remind you to complete the review. Use as needed.

Thank you all in advance for your time to finish these surveys.

Brent A. Bakken
Director, Accessibility Strategy & Education
Psychometrics & Testing Services
Chair: Pearson Able (global)
Chair: Education & Outreach Working Group, W3C

512 202 1087
US Central Time Zone - (remote office Texas)

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