Implementing EOWG feedback on "Understanding and Involving Users"

Dear EOWG participants,

Thanks much to those of you who provided your feedback on the "understanding and Involving Users" module. I brought your comments
back to the Curricula Task Force in our meeting yesterday [1]. They agreed to move these contents to the Foundation Modules, as
suggested by EOWG.

We will concentrate for now on finishing the rest of the Designer Modules. We will get back to the details on how contents
currently in "Understanding and Involving Users" will be included in the Foundation Modules before we publish the Designer Modules.

We have opened a GitHub issue [2] in case anyone has further comments.

Once again, thanks all for your valuable input.




Daniel Montalvo

Accessibility Education and Training Specialist

Received on Wednesday, 16 June 2021 15:49:40 UTC