Re: [EOWG] - 09 Oct Agenda - Please Review

Hi Bent, et al,

I'll try to make tomorrow's meeting but may only be there for part of it with AHG approaching. Sorry for the late notice.


From: Bakken, Brent <>
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Subject: [EOWG] - 09 Oct Agenda - Please Review

Hello EOWG Participants,

The 09 October EOWG Meeting Agenda<> [1] has been posted for your review.

**This agenda has two topics that have concept drafts that are for proposal. It would benefit the efficiency of the discussion if everyone was able to read through the agenda and look over the concept drafts prior to the meeting discussion getting underway.

Thank you in advance for preparing for our meetings.

Talk to you Friday,

Brent, Sharron, and Shawn


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