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Great to have you on board Jason!

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On 2020-08-20 04:23, Sharron Rush wrote:
> Welcome Jason,
> We look forward to working together!
> Best,
> Sharron
> On Wed, Aug 19, 2020 at 1:52 PM Jason McKee
> <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am very happy to be joining this team. It is humbling to be able
>> to address so many accomplished experts and advocates for
>> accessibility. I look forward to talking with each of you and
>> hopefully one day soon meeting in person.
>> An encounter with a man using a screen reader at a business meeting
>> in September 2018 started me on the journey that has led to this
>> email. The speed at which this gentleman listened shocked me, but
>> what shocked me more was this overwhelming realization that I had
>> never considered the perspective of people with disabilities
>> throughout my career. A few days after that meeting I turned my
>> energy and focus toward making the web accessible for everyone and
>> it’s been the most rewarding work of my life.
>> I am a proud co-founder of Accessibility Shield. We help companies
>> with usability and compliance services, but what sets us apart is
>> our program to train and certify people with disabilities to become
>> professional website testers. This effort has introduced me to some
>> inspirational people who have changed my life and changed the
>> conversation we have with business owners about accessibility.
>> I believe the next great innovation on the web will be rooted in
>> accessibility. I believe that innovation, whatever it is, will make
>> the world a better place. I also believe that innovation will come
>> from an individual who is struggling to overcome a personal and
>> difficult challenge in their own life. That struggle will serve as
>> the catalyst that moves us forward. I think this because that is how
>> we got to where we are today.
>> If you’d like to hear more about that please visit the link below
>> to an event I participated in with Comcast a few weeks ago. Thank
>> you for having me on this team and I look forward to talking with
>> you all!
>> Jason McKee
>> Chief Marketing Officer
>> Accessibility Shield
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